Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just arrived. Mission 710s. The original Mission 2 way monitors.

Mission Electronics debuted with 3 models. The top of the line used a Celestion tweeter (big surprise to me), a Coles super tweeter, a 5 inch midrange of unknown (to me) origin (when I had the 720s I should've looked, but didn't), and a 10 inch (probably Seas)woofer in a sealed cabinet. The middle of the line used the same woofer and mid with a single Seas tweeter in a sealed cabinet. The baby of the line used an 8 inch woofer and a Seas tweeter in a ported cabinet... the prototype for the 770.

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Neil Hallworth said...

Enjoying your blog, there's lots of interesting kit, and much of it I remember from magazines at the time, but I wasn't able to buy any of it on my pocket money!
Just some observations on this post:
- the Mission 783 of the late 1990s was also a 3 way design. You are right that Mission spent most of the 1980s and 1990s producing 2-way designs, but there are later 3-ways.
- most 1970s and 1980s Mission bass drivers had soft foam edge suspension on the mid-bass drivers. It perishes over time. Its very rare now to find any of the Mission speakers from before the original 770 with their original mid-bass drivers, although they can be repaired with a suitable kit, lots of patience and a steady hand.