Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Tuesday Update.

I hope you had a great weekend. In Canada it was the first long weekend of the summer. I drove to Bala, Ontario on Sunday night to hear Blue Rodeo play at the historic Kee To Bala, a wooden dancehall on Bala Bay, built in 1949. It holds about 770 people, and both the Saturday and Sunday shows were completely sold out. I was on the main floor abot 20 feet from the stage. The band rocked! They're great songwriters and excellent musicians, and gave a typically generous show, no holding back, no arrogance, just great music. If you're in Toronto on August 20th, you shouldn't miss their annual gig at the Molson Amphiteatre.

The ESS AMT-3 Rock Monitors left yesterday, and will be living in Illinois. The lucky new owner already owns 2 pair of ESS speakers, but was thrilled to get a pair of the only 3 way speakers the company ever made. I will miss them, but am blessed in 2 ways: I have other great speakers to listen to (currently the wonderful Rega 2s), and I honestly love music more than equipment. I'm not saying that the Regas have a tweeter that touches the Heil AMT, or are as deep and visceral in the bass, but they honour the music.

Right now, the Regas are being driven by a Harman Kardon 930. What a spectacular receiver! I'll have pictures and lots to say tomorrow. Right now, I can tell you that it's a twin powered, 45 watt/channel beauty with extraordinary warmth and clarity, and awesome bass control, detail and tightness.

Bob Dylan turned 70 today. Forever young.

Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks, who beat the San Jose Sharks tonight in double overtime to win the NHL Westen Conference and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. This is relevant, because a good vintage system makes sports on tv sound better too.

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