Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hitachi mini components.

These just arrived today. Like the Technics mini components, these are not toys, they are seriously miniaturized components. The amp is an integrated. It's mostly filled with a huge and heavy torroidal transformer. It handles volume and tone control duties, but that's all there's room for inside. The tuner, which connects to the amp with a custom DIN cable, performs the rest of the preamp functionally; source switching (including a phono section), tape monitor etc. The output is 40 real watts per channel. The build quality is very good. This kind of small, jewel-like system was a hot trend in the late seventies. I don't know what the original price was (the Technics stuff was over $1200!), but I know it was high. Like buying a laptop instead of a desktop computer, miniaturization is more expensive. There is a thread on audiokarma about them, and everyone seems to love them. I have the matching plastic speakers as well, and they sound surprisingly good, but the amp is capable of driving much better speakers. As I write it's doing a nice job on the Pioneer HPM-100s.

I took the picture of the Hitachi stuff on top of a Sansui AU-9900 (yes, another one, my current go-to amp) to give you a sense of their size. They're really something.

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