Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bose 901 naked photos.

Updated: If you've never heard these, and you turn up your nose because they're Bose, you're being a snob. If you have heard them, I can respect that they're not your cup of coffee.

The fronts have the single driver.


rick mcginnis said...

When did Bose get such a bad reputation? Every stereo snob I knew back in the '70s owned a pair of these at one point, and some swore that they were the only speakers they'd ever own. They came with some kind of equalizer unit, didn't they? My brother-in-law was practically an evangelist for his 901s.

sixsixsixeyes said...

Hello sir, I just got a pair of these and I was wondering where you found those stands???? I love them . Are they custom made?

Steve Roth said...

There's a wood version of those stands on ebay right now with a pair of 901 series IV's