Sunday, July 17, 2016

Recently arrived: Clements Little D

These rare Canadian speakers, the bottom of Clements' ribbon/compression line, were in rough shape when I got them. They sounded great for about an hour, then the woofer in the right speaker started to distort at a specific frequency (it's in the bass line of Dire Straits' Six Blade Knife). The foams, which looked fine were starting to deteriorate. Now refoamed, with new sound absorbent front baffle treatment (the original foam turned to dust years ago), they sound beautiful. Their bass is truly impressive for their size, and the ribbon tweeter covers a wide frequency range seamlessly, with awesome musicality and great detail, without brightness. I'm loving these!


Anonymous said...

Where do you go for your stereo repairs? I've got a Luxman amp that needs some work, but I don't know where to take it? Cheers.

Stephen Vogt said...

Claudio Landucci (I think that's his last name). He can repair vintage gear. His company is CLAudio +1 905-565-9028

Mark Kaepplein said...

I have a pair, but not used them in years. One of the ribbon tweeters is damaged. One modification I strongly urge is to upgrade the capacitor in the crossover going to the tweeter. Make a tremendous improvement.