Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just Arrived. Angstrom RPS Monitors. They look a lot like Tangents.

Using Audax drivers, not KEF, these appear to be beautifully made 'knockoffs' of the TM1 cabinets. The woofer is the same Audax as in the RS6, with the same Audax tweeter as the RS8 (but with rectangular faceplate). Essentially, a TM1 with Audax drivers.


Ron said...

Sweet looking speakers. I've always loved that form factor, teak wood look that British speakers had back then. I have a pair of Tangent RS-4, they look identical.

Joe Bigliogo said...

Box design pretty much is like the Tangent RS4 or TM1 however I wouldn't be surprised if the Canadian speakers were more solid in construction. Tangent used thin walled birch ply, the stock in trade of BBC type designs in the 70s that added a nice warmth that could suddenly turn thick and droney in the wrong room with incompatible partnering EQ.
Also the Angstrom's crossover is not like the Tangent RS4 which featured a huge trough in the crossover region and a smaller one in the lower mids. This was engineered deliberately by Tangent designer John Greenbank to give the RS4 an added spaciousness and to ease harshness in the sensitive crossover region. If the frequencies aren't there there's nothing to burn the ears. The Anstroms on the other hand use no trickery, just no nonsense design that provides a genuinely flatter more accurate response than the Tangent RS4.

Leon B. said...


I know this post is a couple years old but I've been following your blog for a while and in scrolling back through some older posts today I found myself wondering: what are the stands in this photo? Did you build them yourself or..?