Sunday, March 23, 2014

Speakers I worked on in hibernation.

2 pairs of Mission 717s.

The foam grills one one pair should've been dust 15 years go.

A beautiful pair of Mission 700s.

Early seventies vintage KEF Corellis.

with SP-1231 tweeters, replacing dead T-27s.

And soon I'll show you the speakers I listened to most through this long winter.


Scott M said...

Hi Lloyd! Love your blog and dedication to the vintage sound of music. I've got some 700's I just inherited from my deceased grandfather. The foam surrounds are unfortunately rotted out and one dust cap is completely push in on one bass driver (thanks to one of my nieces or nephews :-) Anyway, I noticed the 700's in your picture above have something other than stock; therefore, I was thinking it might be best to replace the drivers and wanted to know your thoughts and if you have access to or know where I might obtain the T/S parameters so I can find something new yet inexpensive that will match the sound and work with the x-over. Please advise if you will. I very much respect your opinion. Thank you much!

PS Dave said...

Scott: Why not just refoam them? you have to take the dust cap off to shim the voice coil so once it is off just re form it.

Scott M said...

Dave, I think you're right. It sounds like a refoam is best, after consulting with some professionals. This is a French driver made by Audax I believe and was thinking of going with Silver Flutes, which seem pretty good for the money. Anyway, I think I'll order a new dust cap. This one is mangled. And I agree; shimming the voice coil is the only way to go. Right now, if I push on the cone with any force, it give off a scratchy sound; however, when the box is lying flat on its back and the speaker upright, it gives now sound and moves freely when pushed on center. What do you think and thanks so much for your advice.

Scott M said... gives "no" sound...

notesandbeats said...

Are any of these for sale?

Ewan Lauder said...

Great blog Lloyd!!

Q Can you say what years the original Mission 700s were in production?

I fancy a pair for an AR Cambridge, original Planar setup and thinking they may be correct period.