Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Canadian Rega 2 speakers, touring cabinets.

  I've owned loved this speaker a few times. Last time I had a pair I veneered them in mahogany (because I think they're that good). In June, I started to do this pair in teak, but Toronto had a big storm and concurrent blackout, which caused minor flooding (damaging a pair of Altec Sevens, cosmetically, but not sonically) and major humidity. My beautiful veneer job went totally textural, and I was so bummed out I didn't know what to do with them.
  As my day job has become busier, I've had less time to prowl my favourite sources, and Seventies Stereo World Headquarters is very light on speakers at the moment. The disfigured Regas have been in use a lot lately. I love them for lots of reasons, always have...they're excellent monitors with surprising bass response. I didn't want to look at them in peeling, bumpy teak veneer, and didn't want to start veneering all over again. This road warrior carpet job works for me.


asterios kyrkoudis said...

very good dynamics , exellent bass [for the sice ],image and detail,,,needs space to breath and good stands,,,good work Lioyd

Onushua Fiza said...

I attract for your post.That’s really nice. And lovely details!

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