Sunday, December 9, 2012

First post of the month.

Not good that it's 9 days in. Things have been really good musically, but fairly static, equipmentwise. The Marantz 1200 has taken it's place at the heart of my system, often driving the Mission Argonauts or Spendor BCIIs, when not driving something new (like a just refoamed pair of Sound Dynamics 500 Concert Monitors) or what I feel like (right now the upgraded Mission 710s). The Spendors sound beautiful, but are the epitome, to me, of what is meant by 'politeness' when talking about British speakers. So this week I'm saying goodbye to them, and welcoming some new speakers, a set I've never had or heard before, and one of the best I've ever heard here, that left far too soon the last time. That won't happen this time. Stay tuned, I'll have them soon.

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