Friday, September 7, 2012

Record cleaner.

  I promised to tell you more about the record cleaning system I started using last week. It's a competitor to the Spin Clean system, and very similar. It's called Disco Anti-Stat, and it's made in Germany by knosti. The products perceived value for money isn't encouraging at get a plastic trough with 2 goat hair brushes inside, a drying rack that stores away inside the trough, two threaded plastic label protectors that screw together with a protruding spindle that fits into a notch in the trough,a funnel to filter and reuse cleaning fluid, and that's all. No cleaning fluid, no spare brushes. I'm disappointed by the poor value, but can't think of anything I could do with $95 (plus cleaning fluid that you can buy or make...more about that later) that has made such a big difference to my enjoyment of the music. At $40, this would be an amazing product. At almost $100 I recommend it highly, but with no enthusiasm.

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Anonymous said...

Lloyd have you seen this:

Wood glue makes an excellent record cleaner. The only catch is that you have to wait for it to dry...