Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Update. Just arrived. Mission 770s in tiger ebony.

  Wow, these are beautiful. They're original 770s, in great shape. I was (mis?)informed that only 200 pairs were made in this stunning finish, but I've heard of too many for that to ring true to me. This is the second pair I've seen this month. True or not, they're gorgeous, and sound great as I write, hooked up to the Pioneer SX-1010.

   The planter on the left in the second picture is the beginning of the Seventies Stereo Corporate vegetable garden. Peas, beans, lettuce and herbs have been planted in the cabinets of a pair of vintage Grafdale white van specials (that the original owner paid $750 for!). The front baffles took one light stomp to come right out, revealing pathetic cabinet construction. But I'm not reviewing the speakers (though I did hear them, and they do live up to their reputation!), I'm planting in them, and I think the 'professional' carpeting will hold them together for one growing season. More pictures as the garden grows, but don't worry, this won't turn into a gardening blog.

  I did get another new pair of speakers today, but I'll tell you about them tomorrow. Hints: designed and built in Canada...same tweeters as these Mission 770s...beautiful walnut cabinets with all edges rounded. I've had them before, but not with original drivers, don't know the model (UPDATE: now I do!), but know they sound great.

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