Monday, May 21, 2012

My favorite record store.

  I love Around Again Records on Baldwin Street in Toronto. I still kick myself for selling my entire vinyl collection there in 1990. They paid a fair price for everything, but there were many irreplaceables.
  Barbara & Martin have been there from the start. They're wonderful people who really know their stuff. The shop is small, but feels carefully curated. This past Saturday, I found at least 2 dozen albums I wanted to take home! I also found an excellent copy of Ghost Writer, by Garland Jeffries, in the dollar bins out front. It's an album I should've never sold, and now I have it back for less than I sold it to Around Again for in 1990!
  Around Again also has a small collection of beautifully restored vintage audio gear, with the emphasis on turntables, as well as cartridges, stylii and all kinds of accessories for enjoying vinyl. Go yourself. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

Great looking store. I can see why you like it. Very much like the one I used to buy my jazz records at. Great bargains, but really enjoyed the hunt through the racks more. Unfortunatley, they moved out of the city, so no longer a place to drop into on the way home. Spinnr.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lloyd,

Cool reference to Ghost Writer. I sold my copy probably in the 1980s, but recently found a cassette copy that I listen to in the kitchen.

Garland Jeffreys still plays: I almost went to see him last summer in New Jersey. In the 70s, he was SO close to being the next big thing!

Paul O'Connell