Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just arrived. Rogers Studio 1s.

Updated: These are fantastic!
Looking very much like the Monitor 2s, but with a centered port, and a KEF T-27 as super tweeter instead of a Coles. On first listen, more open and natural sounding....very nice.

I didn't say much about the Monitor 2s, because at their price, I didn't have anything good to say. They were beaten hands down by the Mission 770 Freedoms Vs. These Studio 1s are a different story, so far. Here's a Gramophone Review.

COMING SOON: Pioneer HPM 100s.


Tom said...

Highly-sought-after and wonderful speakers. I had a pair for far too short of a period, and regret trading them. I still get hundreds of hits per year on from Google searches for these speakers. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Ok speakers that can certainly be beat for the same price they go for. I'm curious, does the owner of this blog have a retail store or do you run you vintage audio resale through this and other sites? I ask since I am looking to put together a system in the next month or so.. thanks.

-Dave Barnard (Windsor, ON)