Sunday, February 26, 2012

B&O Beovox 3702 photos.

I refoamed these yesterday afternoon, then gave a light sand. There are some rings that I can't completely remove, but all in all they look pretty good. They were designed in 1972 by Jacob Jensen, a Danish industrial design god, who pioneered Bang & Olufsens signature look. These were the smallest 3 way systems in the range.

The midrange drivers look like toys...they absolutely aren't (the tweeters are Philips, I don't know about the mids or woofers, which aren't marked). These speakers are fine and mellow.


larthe said...

OMG! I have a pair of these in rosewood. Picked up for $15 in great shape. Haven't been able to find much about them. I believe mine need to be refoamed but didn't know how to remove grilles w/o damage. They sounded awesome till foam went.
Thanks for the great blog,

Anonymous said...

That philips tweeter is pretty bad imo. I have refoamed the type 6263 and they sound excellent.

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely replace the midrange cone element. Also consider replacing the woofer
if it is of the old foam variant. You will also need to replace the electrolytic capacitors in the filter that have dried up. At the same time you can adapt the filter to the replacement elements. If you do this you will get an 100W RMS top performer that will
really be something than just a collectors item!