Sunday, February 26, 2012

B&O Beovox 3702 photos.

I refoamed these yesterday afternoon, then gave a light sand. There are some rings that I can't completely remove, but all in all they look pretty good. They were designed in 1972 by Jacob Jensen, a Danish industrial design god, who pioneered Bang & Olufsens signature look. These were the smallest 3 way systems in the range.

The midrange drivers look like toys...they absolutely aren't (the tweeters are Philips, I don't know about the mids or woofers, which aren't marked). These speakers are fine and mellow.


larthe said...

OMG! I have a pair of these in rosewood. Picked up for $15 in great shape. Haven't been able to find much about them. I believe mine need to be refoamed but didn't know how to remove grilles w/o damage. They sounded awesome till foam went.
Thanks for the great blog,

Anonymous said...

That philips tweeter is pretty bad imo. I have refoamed the type 6263 and they sound excellent.