Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sony APM-22ES Photos.


cliffsearch said...

Hi Lloyde, I bought a similar set of these several months ago - only bigger. However my wife placed a stack of boxes in front of them as we are moving things about the house before Christmas. Anyway, these should be great speakers if your playing pure accoustic music (ie guitar). I had mine hooked up for over a month, it's time rehook them up again. You should find them very efficient, with the delivery of a very crisp sound. Don't expect a big bass, but who would from a bookshelf speaker. If I get time I'll find out my model number. These speakers would be very rare to get hold of. Let us know what your thoughts are on these speakers ? Regards Cliff

melancholy man said...

I bought these from Lloyd about a month ago. Seriously great speakers. Very clearly defined low-end. Remarkably clean, yet still very warm sounding.

Anonymous said...

I have had a pair for several years now. Wonderful for vocal groups such as The Persuasions. Quite good generally. Very precise sound. Almost too precise to work with most analogue sources. Odd because of their age. I tried them in a BIG room and did not like them at all. Then a placed them about 6 feet apart with me about 6 feet from them and WOW! They are fabulous as medium field speakers! Now I use them in an intimate setting with a sofa about 6 feet away. In that setting they really bring out music beautifully!

Mitch Lee