Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mission 770s, cabinets restored.

The grain matched rosewood veneer is beautiful. There's a spot on one back where the original finish was completely gone, and try as I might, I haven't been able to make it disappear.

The speaker connectors in the original 770s are in a recess on the bottom of the speakers. They originally came with matching, x shaped stands designed to accomodate this. The stunning backs of these speakers is the aesthetic reward. The owner of this pair put 1 inch rubber feet on the bottoms to give clearance for speaker wire, and used them as floorstanders. I've got them on stands, driven by the Sansui AU-777 and they're fantastic.


cliffsearch said...

Oh yeah, Nice speakers Lloyd. Should sound sweet through the Sansui au 777.

Anonymous said...

Try if you can find a Wharfedale Linton receiver or a Ferrograph 307 amp,they do very nice with the missions,really worth trying.
grs Jos Willemsen