Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quality party speakers since 1976.

I've been driving them with the Nakamichi PA-5, and they sound great.

This is the second pair I've had, and both times I've felt that I'm not hearing the deeeeep bass I expect from a fifteen inch woofer. The design trades off deep bass response for efficiency, and that's one of the reasons it's compared to the Klipsch Heresy. The main one is the horns.

They go deep enough and play loud and clean.


HiFi Collector said...

Oh yes, had a pair of these for many years. Provide powerful sound for hours without distortion. Great house party speakers!

thebeathunters said...

still rockin' after all these years
keep on groovin'

thebeathunters said...

do you know if thay could have been renamed optimus 100 for the european market? i saw a very similar pair under that name (with a 200€ tag price)