Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thorens TD-165 with teak base.

I am learning more with each small veneer job. This went very smoothly, including removing the turntable from the plinth, and reassembling it. There was a metal strip about three quarters of the way up the front, to stop the original dustcover.I knew I wouldn't find a Thorens replacement easily, and went to one of my favourite buy/sell (not quite pawnshop) guys. He kindly sold me a clear cover and hinges from a beat up Luxman table that fits like it was made this 'table.


Kurt said...


marc wentzel said...

I like it too. Good job, if I didn't have a TD160 I would come by for this one. Are you doing TT mods now?

Quitter said...

The only part of this i don't like is the headshell, and maybe the entire arm. Are either of those something you can change on this deck?