Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pioneer SX-838 photos.


Uncle Spellbinder said...

I've got an SX-838. Using it now with my Pioneer PL-518 TT and Boston Acoustics A100's. BEAUTIFUL SOUND

Ant718 said...

Just picked one up off ebay a few weeks ago. Rebuilt and in near mint condition. This is my 1st vintage receiver & I am amazed at the power and the sound this retro beauty produces. Worth every sent. She is feeding a pair of Infinity SM-115's which I purchased new in the late 90s. I was never 100% thrilled with their sound. I had them hooked up to a Kenwood from the 80s and later upgraded to an Onkyo. Neither of which did them any justice. Not the case with the SX-838. She brought them to life. I am very pleased with this unit.