Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Arrived: Genesis Physics Corporation Model Threes

I just got back from Hamilton with these. They are bigger and heavier than the specs led me to expect. They sound very good. Two of the drivers were refoamed with awful Cerwin Vega red surrounds, but they were done well, so I expect that I will leave them (that's what grills are for!). I will have much more to say after a few hours of listening.

A few hours later:
I loved the Genesis Model Ones (twice). The Threes are like Ones expanded: soundstage, midrange presence and bass are substantially better. These are very solid (and solidly built) full range speakers, that handle everything I throw at them with authority and musicality. I knew these were going to be good. I love it when I'm right.

About an hour after that:
I've only been using digital sources so far. I can't believe it's true, but right now I don't have a preamp or even a receiver or integrated amp with pre out/main in. What that means for me is that currently, if I want to listen to the GAS Son Of Ampzilla, I have to go from my DAC direct to the amp, using my computer for volume control. I can't listen to vinyl with the my favorite amp. I'll tell you more exactly why tomorrow, but a few of my go to pieces are on loan.

That being said (it's been this way since the Counterpoint phono stage didn't work), the Model Threes are amazing. listening to some great flacs, these speakers are making me very happy. Archie Shepp is wailing in my living room, and the rhythm section is really digging deep.

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