Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is fascinating.

I have never been able to put my finger on just exactly what it is about BOSE products that rub me the wrong way, but this article is very interesting & informative. The author makes the point that some shops need BOSE products to stay open, but it depresses me to know that people pay such high prices for such sorry junk. Before you buy any BOSE product, please e-mail me.

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Dr. Rave said...

Hello, I would agree with you about the later products and the company's marketing practices. But right now I'm listening to a pair of Bose 601 series 1 speakers from 1978 and they are terrific! I pulled them out of a dumpster and repaired some cabinet damage and refoamed the four 8" woofers. They have the same high build quality as the other speakers from this period that we know and love. Heavy-duty construction, beautiful wood veneers, all of that. In my small crowded apartment (record shelves everywhere!), the multi-directional tweeter array provides an unequaled sense of air and dynamics from anywhere in the room. They are definitely not sit-in-one-spot 'imaging' speakers. But as far as creating a great sense of 'feel' for the music, they have for me been a very satisfying experience. The later series 3 versions are probably even better in the area of openness, since they lack the cabinet structure surrounding the tweeters. The series 1 models are among the earliest Bose products made, and like many other manufacturers, a cut-off date in the early to mid Eighties must be applied to the company's products. Bose just sank a little further than most. By the way, these are hooked up to a Pioneer SX-1050 receiver and a mint AR-XA turntable, both of which were also found in the trash! The Pioneer needed a switch replaced and the AR got a new AT-95 cartridge and careful set-up, but that's it. Is this the ultimate low cost heavy rocking 70's system? One album side later, I have my answer....
Thanks Lloyd for your great blog!