Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dyna SCA-35 integrated amplifier. Heaven with the Altecs.

Very nice with Mission 770s.


Unknown said...

Got one. Nice little amp. Ditto with KLH 6.

Blirving said...

Nice also with Dynaco A25. Relatively flat impedance curve of the A25 is good match with tube amps. In any case, the A25's sound wonderful with this simple classic tube amp. Back in the day, this combo was a favorite among people who craved good sound but didn't have a lot of money to spend. Buy the amp in kit form, along with Dynaco FM3 tuner kit and maybe a basic turntable like the AR-XA, and you could have true hi-fi for only $500 or so (in late 1960's dollars).

Unknown said...

Also sounded good with my AR 4As. My first nice system. Started with a PE turntable, then went to AR XA. Never had more fun per dollar since!